Add a New Data Source Manually

Couldn't find a system during data source discovery? Add an existing or custom data source to MineOS by yourself.

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Adding a system to your data inventory manually

To add a new system, click on "Add data source" at the top of your data sources list.
Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 11.24.07

To add an existing system:

  • Search for and select the system you wish to add 
    Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 11.25.55
  • Click "Add system" to add to your list of data sources! Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 11.26.56

To create and add a custom system:

  • Click "Add custom system" 
    Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 11.27.47
  • Type in the name of the system you'd like to add, and click "Add system"`help with adding systems via our chat or at, and we'll be happy to assist!🙂

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