AI suggestions for data types

Understand what data types you have in 90% of your systems using Mine AI suggestions

Mine supports three different technologies for Content Discovery:

  1. AI suggestions (context classification)
  2. PII tracing (full scan)
  3. PII scanning (smart sampling) 

About AI suggestions

Use our proprietary technology to identify what data types are being processed or stored in each data source. Gain insights as to what data a system potentially holds without using any integrations. Mine AI provides suggestions for data types per system.

How does it work? 

Mine leverages its ML capabilities to analyze the vendors’ privacy policy, supported features and your own business (size of company, industry etc.).
How does it work? We analyze 3 inputs:

  1. Auto-scan and analysis of legal documents (PP, tos, dpa)
  2. Analyses of the data source capabilities and features
  3. Analysis of your company (size, vertical, etc)

With these inputs we create a prediction of what data types are being processed in each data source.

Before using Mine AI suggestions for data types:

  • Make sure your systems are in place

How to use AI suggestions

You can access data types suggestions by clicking on any system in your Data Inventory. 

Anytime a system is added to your inventory, whether it’s been added manually or by auto-discovery, if there are available suggestions, the system will have a suggestions pane (see image below). 

You can choose to accept or reject suggestions upon viewing them. Accept suggestions by selecting “Add” next to the data type you’d like to add. 

You can also add data types & suggested data types manually. To do so, select “Add type” on the system’s inner page and select the data type you’d like to add (see image below). 

To reject suggestions, simply click reject next to the data type in the system’s suggestions pane.

Rejecting a suggestion means you are only rejecting the specific suggestion for said system. The data type will still appear in other systems if relevant.

Next steps

  • AI suggestions for processing activities


If you have questions about AI suggestions, talk to us at, and we'll be happy to help!🙂