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API Reference

Using Mine's Portal API to manage tickets

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Mine PrivacyOps contains a set of REST API methods that help you manage tickets so you easily can create custom integrations and automations right from your code.


API Keys can be created and used to call the Mine PrivacyOps API in a secure manner. For each API call you should pass the Authorization header with your API Key:

Authorization: Bearer {YOUR_API_KEY_HERE}

Creating an API key

  1. Click on the company logo on the bottom left side
  2. Click For Developers
  3. Click “Create a new key
  4. The key will only be shown once, so copy its value and keep it somewhere safe. If you ever lose it, you will have to create a new one.

You can create up to three keys, after that you'll need to delete existing ones before you will be able to create new ones.


API Reference

Common Response Codes

All API methods return the following standard HTTP status codes to indicate results of an API call:


Code Meaning
200 OK Operation completed successfully.
400 Bad Request The request does not contain all required parameters, or one or more parameters has an invalid value. The result body usually contains a description of the error.
401 Unauthorized Invalid/missing authorization header.
404 Not Found No such method/resource.
503 Service Unavailable Temporary server error, a retry with exponential backoff can be implemented.