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Automate Zendesk tickets with Mine PrivacyOps

This article will help you setup automatic DSR fulfillment for tickets received through Zendesk

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If your organization uses Zendesk to handle customer support tickets, you probably get some Data Subject Requests (DSR). 

To automate fulfillment of DSRs, you can integrate Zendesk into Mine PrivacyOps, and the portal will take care of the rest.


Follow the steps below to setup the integration.

Before you begin:

  • You will need a Zapier.com upgraded plan.
  • You will need a Mine PrivacyOps account.


  • This integration currently supports right-to-be-forgotten (Delete) requests, and not data-access requests (Copy).

Step 1

Login to Zendesk and create a view for tickets that are DSRs. Below is our recommendation for how to define such a view:

Make sure you configure the view with the following grouping and ordering:

Using this method, each ticket that is tagged with the DSR tag will be included in the view.

All new tickets in this view will be synced to Mine PrivacyOps.


Step 2

Login to Zaper.com and Activate the integration our team has created.

Pick the Zendesk view you created in the previous step.

This integration will require you to enter you Mine PrivacyOps API Key.  If you don't already have one, create a new one here.


Step 3

Test the integration by clicking "Test Zap". You should now see a new sample ticket created in Mine PrivacyOps.

Hooray! You are now ready to quickly handle tickets from Zendesk using Mine PrivacyOps!