Integration for Braze

Automating privacy operations by integrating MineOS to Braze

This integration allows you to:

  • Automate Data Subject Requests (DSR) for user data from Braze including.
    • Delete
    • Copy
  • Preview and search user data in the Braze platform.

Before you start

Setting up 

To connect the BigQuery integration, follow these steps:

  1. On the left sidebar, click Data Inventory and then Data Sources
  2. Click on Add data source
  3. Select Braze from the catalog
  4. Navigate to the Braze page in your Data Inventory
  5. In the Request Handling tab, check the relevant checkboxes and choose the Integration handling style:
    1. Handle this data source in privacy requests - To use the integration in handling Data Subject Requests (DSR) 
  6. Select Braze (Automation) as your Integration Type:
  7. Fill the API Key field with your Braze API key
  8. Fill your relevant Braze REST endpoint in the Braze REST Endpoint field 
    • Known endpoints (see for an updated list)
      • US-01:
      • US-02:
      • US-03:
      • US-04:
      • US-05:
      • US-06:
      • US-07:
      • US-08:
      • EU-01:
      • EU-02:
  9. Click Test your integration to validate connection is successful
  10. Click Test & Save