Configure Okta SSO

Manage access to your MineOS account using Okta

Before you start, make sure you have:

  • An Okta enterprise account
  • MineOS enterprise account


Creating an app on Okta

  1. Login to your Okta admin dashboard and Select Applications > Applications, and Create App Integration.
  2. Select Create New App. Choose OIDC as the Sign-in method. Choose Web Application as your Application Type.

  3. Enter your "MineOS" as your App integration name.

  4. Add your Auth0 tenant information callback URL in the Sign-in redirect URIs field. Your Auth0 tenant is

  5. Enter as the sign-out URI
  6. Under assignment, set your preferred access mode.
  7. Select Save and find your Client ID and Client Secret fields. You will need to send these, together with your Okta domain to your customer success manager at Mine.
    1. How to find your domain?