Customize Your Privacy Center Verification Email

Personalize the email sent from your Privacy Center to customers, so that it suits your brand and messaging.

About your Privacy Center Verification Email

Verification emails serve as confirmation to users that they have sent their request to your company.

Additionally, any time a user submits their privacy request using your Privacy Center web form, they must complete an OAuth verification process that confirms the sender as the owner of the email address specified in the request.

You can customize this verification email to suit your brand.


You can customize the following properties of your Privacy Center verification email:




How to customize your Privacy Center verification email 




To get started, click on your company logo at the bottom lefthand corner of the sidebar navigation and select "Settings".






Select “Branding” and head to the “Email branding component. 


Email Branding

1. Button color

To change the button color in your verification email, click on the color selector and choose your desired color.

After choosing a color, a preview of your selection will appear on the righthand side of the settings. 

2. Footer text

To add text to the footer of your Privacy Center email, enter the desired text in the "Footer text" field, and it will appear in your email preview. 

3. Links in the footer

Under the "Links in footer" field, give your link a title (such as "Privacy Policy" or "Terms of Service") and attach the corresponding link (see image below).

You can attach up to three links in the footer of your email. 

To add an additional link, click "Add another link" under the first, and fill out the field like above. 

4. Color of links

To change the color of the links in the email footer, click on the corresponding color selector, select your desired color, and it will appear in your email preview. 

5. Save

After designing your email, don't forget to check the preview and save your changes! 

Next steps...

Now that the Privacy Center is set up, let's add some data sources or systems to your data inventory.

If you have any questions about customizing your Privacy Center verification email, write us at, and we'll be happy to help! 🙂