A guide to data flow diagrams

Visualize the flow of data throughout your organization. See how each party receives its data to make sure every step is secure. 

Before getting started, ensure your processing activities are set up properly.

To access data flows, head to your processing activities page and click on a purpose of processing.

Learn how to  edit, add, & remove processing activities here to ensure processing activities include the correct data sources & entities.

At the bottom of each activity's information pane, you will find a "Data flow" component.

Every data source per processing activity is included in the origins list as "receiver" by default.  You can also define entities you’d like to include in data flows. These could be agencies, vendors, analog systems or any other parties.

Click on "Manage entities" in the data flow component to add, remove, or edit entities (see image below). You can also access data flow entity management in your company's settings page under "Data Inventory". 

You can add up to 10 additional entities and up to 3 locations per entity.

Note: You cannot remove entities that are being used in data flows. 

After managing your list of entities, begin creating your data flow. Assign data origin(s) for each data source or entity from the dropdown menu. 

If you have questions about data flows, talk to us at portal@saymine.com, and we'll be happy to help!🙂