What are Automated Email Integrations?

Send automated emails from your Portal to your data sources to fulfill subject erasure requests without API connection

Whether a third-party data source doesn’t support API integrations, or if our team is still working on its implementation in Mine’s PrivacyOps, we enable the use of Email Integration instead in order to fulfill erasure requests without the need to separately contact the data source.

How to identify Email Integration?

When clicking the arrow located on each data source, you will be directed to a new page containing additional information about the data source. If the Integration type is “Email” you will be able to activate the action of sending automatic emails to this third party.

How does Email Integration work?

Once Email Integration is enabled, an email will be sent on your behalf requesting the deletion of a specific user’s data. The email request will include the following details:

  • Type of request
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email

The email will be sent as follows:

  • The “from” email address is the email address of the agent with a Saymine email domain - for example: [Company Name]@saymine.io. 
  • The “reply to” email address is the agent’s email address they signed up with.
  • The “to” email address is the privacy email address of the data source. 
  • CCed is the email address of Mine’s support team.


Note: Email integrations only support deletion requests.

When an Email Integration is enabled, at the Process stage of each request, when ticking the integration checkbox, an automatic email will be sent to the data source requesting them to delete the user’s data. An “Email Sent” will appear as a confirmation message. 


The email will be logged in the “Recent activity” section as “Requested deletion from [Integration name]”.


Talk to us if you need any help with Email Integrations via our chat or at portal@saymine.com, and we’ll be happy to assist!🙂