Export Your Privacy Request Audit log

Easily create and export an audit log for your Data Subject requests.

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To export your privacy request data, head to your MineOS portal and:


Click on “Requests”, located in the sidebar on the left part of the page. Then click the ellipses icon and select "Export table".

Screenshot 2023-10-05 at 14.12.04

Once pressed, you will download the .csv file.

Audit logs can also be exported by clicking "Export audit log" in the ellipses menu. This is a report of all your requests (open and closed) and their audit logs.

A .csv file with the following data about each request will be downloaded to your computer:

  • The requestor’s email address;
  • The requestor’s name;
  • The request ID;
  • The type of the request (delete/get a copy);
  • The domain the request was directed to;
  • The source of the request (Mine app/form/email forwarding);
  • The request’s receiving date;
  • The request’s receiving time;
  • The status of the request (unverified/open/review/process/notify/closed);
  • The request’s closing date;
  • The request’s closing time;
  • The request’s resolution time.

Next steps

  • Add a custom subject identifier

If you have any questions about exporting requests, talk to us at portal@saymine.com and we’ll be happy to help! 😀