Getting started with Data Sources

Automatically fulfill deletion and copy requests across multiple data sources using integrations, email integrations, and manual data sources checklists

By integrating popular SaaS platforms with your PrivacyOps account, you can delete customer data from external platforms at the click of a button.

When scrolling through the Data Source page, you’ll find all the available data sources. Create your company’s personal list of data sources to keep track of the request handling flow efficiently.

To add a data source to your list, click “Add to list”. When clicking on the arrow, you will be able to view more information about the data source, such as Process type, Integration type, and Supported request types, as well as how to connect or add it to the list.

Adding all your company's data sources to your list will provide you full control over the privacy requests handling process associated with that source. 

Using the filter tool located on the upper right side of the page, you can view services according to their category. 

  • Automated sources are API Integrations and Email Integrations
  • Manual sources are sources that are not yet automated
  • Enabled sources are sources that have been added to your data sources list or have been enabled for automated integration

On your list, available automated data sources will have an “Automation available” label. When you enable an integration, the label will change to “Automation enabled”.

At the Process stage of each request handling, you will be able to delete users' data from automated data sources as well as mark data sources requiring manual deletion as done.

Data sources types

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What’s next?

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Talk to us if you need any help with data sources via our chat or at, and we’ll be happy to assist!🙂