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Getting started with request handling

Automatically fulfill requests across multiple data sources using integrations, email integrations, and manual data sources checklists

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By integrating popular SaaS platforms with your PrivacyOps account, you can delete customer data from external platforms at the click of a button.

To get started with request handling, first get started with building your inventory. You can create your data inventory using auto-discovery or add systems manually

Upon clicking "Add data source" on your Data Inventory page, you can search & add systems from the list of existing data sources or create a custom system. 

You can also add to your list of data sources from your request handling page. 

Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 10.09.31

You can view services according to their category using the filter tool located on the upper right side of the page. 



Once you have created your data inventory, the request handling column will show the process type for the corresponding data source. You can use 

You can categorize your data inventory into two distinct lists: one holding all data sources and one for data sources used in request handling. 

The privacy requests workflow includes the following four statuses:

  • Review - Continue or reject each request using the request's identifying details, including my email evidence and details reported by the user.
  • Process - Delete users' data with third-party integrations or confirm and document a manual process. 
  • Reply - Quickly reply to users by using predefined email templates. 
  • Close - Close the request and keep a record of all request activities for audit purposes.

Stage 1 - Review:

There are currently five types of supported privacy requests:

  1. Deletion
  2. Copy
  3. Do Not Sell
  4. Do Not Mail
  5. Right to Edit

You can review privacy rights requests and decide whether to reject or continue processing.

You will receive requests from your Privacy Center or you can manually add or create a request : 

Stage 2 - Process:

  • The processing stage depends on the request type. 
  • If you have data sources connected to your Portal account:

Upon accepting a new request, select the relevant sources required for the request type.

At the Process stage of each request handling, you will be able to handle users' data from automated data sources as well as mark data sources requiring manual deletion as done.

Group 39923

The Right to edit and Do not Mail  request types have no automatic processing. Requests of this type need to be handled internally. 

Stage 3 - Reply:

You can use our pre-filled response or edit the response while processing the request before closing by clicking "Reply & close".

Stage 4 - Close:

Congrats! You have successfully fulfilled a privacy rights request.

By clicking "See request history", you can view all the request's logs, including the agent who handled the request, all conversations with the user, and the deletions timestamps.


Data sources types

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