Managing privacy requests on your Portal Account

Increase efficiency and streamline your privacy requests by using Mine Portal to automate your request workflow

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Mine Portal makes it easy for you to manage your privacy requests in an organized and trackable manner. With our upgraded request flow, you can:

  • Review your privacy requests with enriched identifying details. 
  • Use Integrations to quickly delete personal data from all the SaaS data sources you use.
  • Leverage email templates to provide consistent responses.

The privacy requests workflow includes the following four statuses: 

  • Review - Continue or reject each request using the request’s identifying details, including Mine email evidence and details reported by the user.
  • Process - Delete users' data with third-party integrations or confirm and document a manual deletion process. 
  • Reply- Quickly reply to the user by using predefined email templates. 
  • Close - Close the request and retain all request activities for your audit proposes.   

Using the dropdown menu on the top left corner of the Open Request page, you can filter your open requests by their statuses.


Every privacy request generated via Mine is verified with an OAuth verification process which means that the sender is the owner of the email address specified in the request. Verified users will have a green checkmark next to their email address.

Stage 1- Review:

By clicking on one of your verified requests, you will be able to view all identifying details for that request, as well as:

1.  Email evidence by Mine

Featuring the last three email interactions found in the user’s inbox, sent by your company. The evidence includes:

  • The date of the email.
  • The subject line of the email.
  • The email address in your organization that sent the email to the user.
  • The “reply to” email address (if any).

 This information will help you identify your users and locate them in your systems. 

2. Additional information reported by the user

  • If the request was submitted through the Mine platform, this section includes the user's country of residence.
  • If the request was submitted through the web form, this section includes the data fields you defined in your privacy center settings.

3. Communicate with the users

Using the “Message user” button, you can interact with the user regarding their privacy request.

Learn more about the Portal Conversation here.

Note: The conversation feature doesn’t show your interactions with users on other platforms.

4. Proceed to the next  status

After reviewing the request details, you can either continue or reject the request:

  • Upon continuing, you will proceed to the Process stage, where you will be able to delete the user's data using integrations (find out more about this stage below).
  • Rejecting a request will bypass the Process stage and take you directly to the Reply stage, where you can select a predefined email from your existing templates and easily close the request. 

Important: Once you click "Continue", you will not be able to go back and reject the request.

Stage 2 - Process:

You can easily delete users' data by using integrations. If you don't have any data sources connected to your Portal account, you can either set them up in minutes or ask for assistance from your technical team member.

  • If you have data sources connected to your portal:

1. Select the data sources from which you want to delete the user's data.

2. Click on "Delete X sources".

Successful deletion will be marked with a “Last deleted” label and a timestamp next to the data source, as shown below.

3. If you have other data sources that are not connected to your Portal account, make sure that all the data has been deleted. Afterward, check the box to confirm that "all data was deleted" from the company’s data sources.

4. Click  "Continue" and move to the next stage.

Important: Once you click “Continue,” you will not be able to go back to the Process status. 

  • If you don’t have data sources connected to your portal:

You can choose to delete the data manually by checking the box to confirm that "all data was deleted" from the company’s data sources. 

Stage 3 - Reply: 

Reply to your users with predefined templates.

Stage 4 - Close: 

Congrats! You have successfully fulfilled a request.

By clicking on “Request history”,  you can view all the request's logs, including the agent who handled the request, all conversations with the user, and the deletions timestamps. 


If you have any questions about request management, talk to us at and we'll be happy to help!🙂