Integrating MineOS with UserCentrics CMP

Integrating MineOS Privacy Center with UserCentrics allows you to handle DSRs, update user consent, and complete workflows in MineOS.

In the following article, we show a step-by-step guide for integrating Mine's Privacy Center with UserCentrics to fully handle Do-Not-Sell requests, but you can follow a similar process with any other CMP platform and/or any other privacy right. Let's Begin!


Before you begin, make sure you have:

1. Privacy Center enabled with a custom domain

2. A UserCentrics account


Setting up UserCentrics

Log into your UserCentrics accounts and click Configuration from the menu on the left.

1. Under Setup, add your MineOS Privacy Center domain (e.g., in addition to your website's domain(s):

2. Under CMP Settings, turn on Cross Domain Consent Sharing:

3. Click Implementation on the menu, and copy the script for the Live version.


Setting up MineOS for UserCentrics

Log into your MineOS accounts and go to the Privacy Center under 

1. Open the custom code panel and paste the implementation script.

2. Copy & Paste the script below


MINE.onRequestSubmitted = (requestType) => {
if(requestType === 'DoNotSell') {
UC_UI.denyAllConsents().then(() => console.log('All consents are denied'));

The result should look like this:

3. Click 'Save changes'

4. Enable Do-Not-Sell in your Mine Privacy Ops account, by clicking the menu icon on the lower-left corner and choose settings.

That's it, you are good to go!


Testing the integration

  1. Go to your company's website and accept cookies in the banner.
  2. Go to the privacy center and submit a Do Not Sell requset.
  3. Verify the request appears in MineOS (it may be under 'unverified' requests if you didn't complete the email verification)
  4. Go back to your company's website and open the banner. Make sure all cookies are denied.


Further reading:

UserCentrics Browser API documentation: