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Mine PrivacyOps offers flexible plans tailored for your specific needs. Professional plans include request handling, data mapping, and consent management, while basic plans are also available to get started. 

The following tables allow you to compare them, which will help you decide which plan is best suited for your company.

If you wish to change your plan, either go to the pricing page on your Portal or set up a call with our team here.


Request handling




Data mapping


Data mapping and consent management are available both as independent plans or as add-ons to complete your privacy operations

Consent management



Basic plans

The basic packages provide a full request handling workspace for you to get started and experience Mine’s Portal either for free, or for a low price to handle unlimited requests.

If you’d like to try out a plan or a specific feature, talk to our experts who will help you sign up for a free trial to suit your needs. 

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Not sure which plan is right for you? Talk to us via our chat or at portal@saymine.com and we'll be happy to assist! 🙂