Pitchbox Integration

Pitchbox interration & Pitchbox Donotsell integration.

Table of content

  1. Summary
  2. Authentication
  3. Pitchbox Integration
  4. Pitchbox Do-Not-Sell Integration
  5. Assistance


This integration allows for the automation of the following functions:

- Copy retrieval

- Preview

- Do not sell


Pitchbox Authentication is implemented using API Key.

1. Create Api Key

"To generate and retrieve API keys, click on the 'My Profile' menu item and select the 'API Keys' option. Then click on the 'New API Key' button to generate new keys. To retrieve an existing key, click the 'Copy' icon."

Api Credentials

More about it on this Site :


2. Configure Automated Integration

Paste the API Key into the Automated Mine Integration. Choose either Pitchbox Integration or Do-not-sell Integration from the Integration type drop down menu.


Pitchbox  integration

Preview and copy retrieval -  supported. Users can automatically query the system and retrieve any user data by creating a new DSR ticket of type copy.

Deletion - Not supported.  due to the inability to integrate with the Pitchbox Delete API. Therefore, a manual integration needs to be created for this specific use case.

Pitchbox Do-Not-Sell integration

The integration automatically removes leads from marketing messages, simulating the manual action of clicking the unsubscribe button in the Pitchbox system.

How Do I Unsubscribe a Contact? – Pitchbox


For assistance with integrations, please contact us via our chat or email us at portal@saymine.com. We are pleased to offer our support.