Requests handling on the Privacy Free plan

Learn more about handling requests on the Privacy Free plan

As part of the Privacy Free plan, you can unlock and manage up to 5 requests per month using your Mine Portal account.

On the review stage, click on one of these buttons to begin handling a request:

  • Search for evidence 
  • Reject
  • Continue

This will unlock the request and deduct one of your free requests for this month. 

After unlocking the request, you'll see an unlocked lock icon  next to the request on your Open requests page. 

On the 1st of each calendar month, you'll be able to unlock another 5 requests free of charge.

Note: You can still open requests when you have reached your monthly limit. This means that you can always view the request details on the left side and use the messenger and notes on the right side to manage the request. Keep in mind that the buttons mentioned above will be disabled until next month.


If you have any questions, talk to us at, and we'll be happy to help!🙂