Shopify GDPR endpoint Integration

Automating your privacy request fulfillment by integrating MineOS to Shopify

This integration allows you to automate deletion and copy requests of user data from Shopify.

Getting a copy of a user’s data using the integration includes:

  • Customer data
  • Orders


  • Shopify will not erase personal data if the customer has made an order in the last 6 months (180 days) in case a chargeback occurs.
    If a request for erasure is submitted during that time, then it will remain in a pending state until the required time has passed. When that required time has elapsed, Shopify completes the erasure request. You don’t need to submit another request. Once the request is submitted the status in MineOS will change to "Completed".
  • When you request erasure, Shopify will only redact personal information (such as name and address). Your anonymized order information will remain intact in case you need it for accounting purposes.
  • When submitting erasure request and the customer hasn't made any orders in the last 6 months,  the data will be erased after 14 days

Before you start

  • Make sure your MineOS plan supports integrations.
  • Make sure you are the store owner.

Setting up

Note: If you have trouble with any of the steps below, you can read the detailed Shopify guide.

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Apps.

  2. Click Develop apps.

  3. Click Allow custom app development.

  4. Read the warning and information provided, and then click Allow custom app development.

  5. Click Create app and type "MineOS" as the app name:
  6. Open “Configure admin API scopes” and add the following scopes:
    1. Customers: write_customer_data_erasure, read_customers
    2. Draft orders: read_draft_orders
    3. Orders: read_orders


        Make sure your scopes are configured exactly like this screenshot:

   8. Click Save.
   9. Open "API Credentials" and click Install app.
  10. Reveal the admin API access token and copy it (you will paste it in MineOS).

Configuring MineOS

  1. Login to your MineOS account.
  2. Go to “Data Inventory” -> "Data Sources" and search for “Shopify"
  3. Enable "Handle this data source in privacy requests" and click "Integration" as the handling style.
  4. Select the "Shopify GDPR endpoint" integration type.
  5. Paste the admin API access token.
  6. Type in your Shopify store URL (example: https://{ShopName}
  7. ClickTest your integration” and click “Save.

That’s it! MineOS is now connected to your Shopify account. You can now quickly delete your customers’ data from Shopify.

Tip💡If the integration didn’t succeed, make sure the API Scopes and shop URL are correct.

What’s next?

Read more about the deletion process using integrations here.

Read more about the get a copy process using integrations here.


Talk to us if you need any help with Integrations via our chat or at, and we’ll be happy to assist!🙂