Manage Your Domains in MineOS

Centralize the reception of Data Subject Requests coming from all your domains to MineOS.

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We encourage MineOS users to connect all domains (URLs) their company owns that it might receive Data Subject Requests (DSRs) to. This makes it possible for MineOS to localize all incoming requests in our platform - the first step to streamlining request handling.


Important to note: If your company owns more than one domain (URL), we advise you to connect them all to your company’s Portal account so you won’t miss any incoming requests. You can always review the domains connected to your company’s Portal account on your General Settings page.


Connecting your domain to MineOS
There are a couple ways we can help you add a domain to your MineOS account.

1. Simply let us know the domains you would like to add using the chat in the bottom-right corner anywhere in your MineOS portal, and we’ll add them when we receive your message.

2. Get in touch with your customer service representative, who will be happy to add it on their end or walk you through the process in person.


Suggested next steps...

Make sure you've added legal documents like your Privacy Policy to your privacy form.


If you have any other questions about adding a domain, talk to us at and we'll be happy to help! 🙂