Set up templates to respond to users based on their request status & type.

About templates

Send predefined email templates to streamline your privacy request handling process. Every time you reply to a user, you can use an automated email response. 

 There are three different types of templates for each request type:

  1. Completion reply
  2. Cancellation reply
  3. Rejection reply

How to set up templates





To get started, select "Templates & Rules" under the DSR handling section of the sidebar navigation. 










The emails will display a default message. Click on the template you'd like to edit. 

You can enrich your templates using variables, links & more. 

Once you have edited your template, click "Save". The reply will then be available to use.

    Tip: Test your email template by clicking on "Test your email". This will send a test email to the email address you registered with to the Portal.

    If applicable, you can also choose to activate the template when using the automated rules or an API key to close the request. 

    Once enabled, you will be able to use this template for privacy requests in the "Reply" stage. 

    If you have any questions about templates, write us at portal@saymine.com and we'll be happy to help! 🙂