Managing Additional Privacy Rights on Your MineOS Portal

Manage Do Not Sell, Do Not Mail, and Right to Edit requests on your MineOS Portal

Tip 💡:  To integrate Do Not Sell with UserCentrics CMP and update user consent automatically, please follow the steps in this article.

About additional privacy rights

Add request types to your Portal to comply with additional regulations. In addition to deletion & copy requests, there are three additional request types that can be added to your portal:

  1. Do Not Sell
  2. Do Not Mail
  3. Right to Edit

This article will explain how to: 

  • Enable additional request types
  • Process additional request types
  • Add custom questions to your Privacy Center

How to add additional privacy rights

1. Enable additional request types




To get started, click on your company logo at the bottom lefthand corner of the sidebar navigation and select "Settings".






Under the Configuration section of "DSR Handling" on the left side menu, you can enable any of the following privacy rights requests across your Portal: "Do Not Sell", "Do Not Mail", "Right to Edit", "Delete My Data" and "Get a Copy".

Screenshot 2023-08-27 at 14.25.25

Upon enabling one or more of the privacy rights above:
  • Your privacy web-form will now include the right(s) you selected as a request type for your users.
  • You can select the enabled request type(s) when adding requests manually or by email forwarding
  • You can create/modify templates for the enabled request type(s)

2. Process additional request types

Note: Processing varies according to the request type. See more below.


Automatic processing is available for Do Not Sell requests. 

Do Not Mail Right to Edit request types must be handled manually. 

3. Add custom questions to your privacy center

You can also add a custom question to your form where users can select one or more answers from your defined options. The data subject replies will be displayed on the request page under "Reported by customer".

Next steps:

If you have questions about the additional request types on your Portal, write us at, and we'll be happy to help! 🙂