Managing additional privacy rights on your Portal Account

Manage Do Not Sell, Do Not Mail, & Right to Edit requests using your Privacy Center

Tip 💡:  To integrate Do Not Sell with UserCentrics CMP and update user consent automatically, please follow the steps in this article.

To enable various privacy rights across your Portal, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on your profile on the bottom lefthand corner of your Portal and click "settings."

  2.  Under the "General" tab, you can enable any of the following privacy rights requests across your Portal: "Do Not Sell," "Do Not Mail," or "Right to Edit."

  3. Upon enabling one or more of the privacy rights above:
  • Your privacy web-form will now include the right(s) you selected as a request type for your users.
  • When adding a request manually or by Email forwarding, you can now choose to create a request for the right(s) you selected.

The privacy requests workflow includes the following four statuses:

  • Review - Continue or reject each request using the request's identifying details, including my email evidence and details reported by the user.
  • Process - Delete users' data with third-party integrations or confirm and document a manual process. 

Note: Processing varies according to the request type. See more below.

  • Reply - Quickly reply to users by using predefined email templates. 
  • Close - Close the request and keep a record of all request activities for audit purposes.

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Stage 1 - Review:

Like other privacy requests, you can review privacy rights requests and decide whether to reject or continue processing.

In the request details, you can see the Request type: Do not sell (see image below)


Stage 2 - Process:

Processing varies according to the request type.

Processing for Do Not Sell requests: 

  • If you have data sources connected to your Portal account:

    • Upon accepting a new request, select the sources from which you want to delete the user's data required for the request type.


Processing for Do Not Mail & Right to Edit requests:

Note: Do Not Mail & Right to Edit request types have no automatic processing. Requests of this type need to be handled internally. 

Stage 3 - Reply:

You can use our pre-filled response or edit the response while processing the request before closing by clicking "Reply & close."

Stage 4 - Close:

Congrats! You have successfully fulfilled a privacy rights request.

By clicking "See request history," you can view all the request's logs, including the agent who handled the request, all conversations with the user, and the deletions timestamps.


What's next?

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