Export Your Processing Activities

Create an auditable report, or a Record of Processing Activities.

About exporting your Processing Activities

Always be audit ready with easily exported processing activities. Filter your activities by data role (processor/controller), status, DPIA, or any field in your view. 

Before exporting your processing activities:

  • Review your processing activities before setting them live. Learn how here.

How to export your Processing Activities

There are 2 ways to export your processing activities:

  1. Export all of your operational activities
  2. Create a filter view of your operational activities (for example: filter by data processor/controller, data subject, etc.)

You can choose to export your processing activities as a PDF or CSV file.

Head to your "Processing Activities" page. This can be found under the "Compliance" component of your sidebar navigation.

1. To export all operational activities

Click “Export your RoPA at the top of your Processing Activities page

A window titled “Prepare your export file” will appear. Here, select your desired file format (PDF or CSV), and select “All activities before selecting “Export”.

Your export will then be generated and downloaded!

2. To export operational activities based on a filtered view

On your Processing Activities page, select “Filter” to create a filtered view of your processing based on what you would like to be shown or hidden from your export (this step is optional).

You can filter on DPIA per activity, operational or draft status, processor, and controller or joint controller data roles (see image below). 

Note: Only processing activities marked as "Operational" will be shown in your exported document.

Next, click “Export your RoPA at the top of your processing activities page. 

Your export will then be generated and downloaded!

Next steps:


If you have questions about the exporting process, talk to us at portal@saymine.com, and we'll be happy to help!🙂