MineOS AI Suggestions for Your Processing Activities

Use MineOS AI to suggest Processing Activities, instead of adding them manually.

About MineOS AI suggestions

AI suggestions provide you with a solid base for your Processing Activities (PAs) to avoid starting from scratch and to avoid adding all your PAs manually. MineOS AI uses the most relevant activities to you and your industry.

For example: HubSpot is usually used in the Sales, Marketing & Product departments - Mine AI will provide suggestions for each department for you to choose which is most relevant to you.

Once all your data types have been mapped - that is, the content of the data being processed in your systems - the next step is to define the purposes of processing which justifies your processing of said data types. Instead of doing so manually and internally, which is a time consuming and error-prone processes, use MineOS AI suggestions. Suggestions will predict your PAs with 80%+ accuracy and provide you with a fast foundation for your auditable Records of Processing Activities (RoPA) Report. 

The theory of predictable vs. non-predictable data sources apply here as well as with AI suggestions for data types. For mailing platform systems, SEO, payment platforms, etc. a calculated prediction can be made as to why an organization might be using them.

For example: A business or processing activity of a mailing platform might be “lead management” or “marketing campaigns”

Again, there are multiple ways organizations can create their processing activities:

  1. Manually
    1. This process requires internal inquiries, surveys, and other time consuming, complex and error-prone processes.
  2. AI suggestions
    1. The machine learning AI mentioned to predict data types can also be used to make a calculated prediction to understand the usage of predictable systems. The same triangle of information is used here.

Another layer of machine learning comes into play here. Based on the activities you have already created, the missing activities can be derived.

Before using AI suggestions for activities:

  • Make sure your systems are in place

How does it work?

Mine leverages its machine learning capabilities to analyze the vendors’ privacy policy, supported features and your own business (size of company, industry etc.).

We analyze 3 inputs:

  1. Auto-scan and analysis of legal documents (PP, ToS, DPA)
  2. Analyses of the data source capabilities and features
  3. Analysis of your company (size, vertical, etc)

With these inputs we create a prediction of what processing activities are being processed in each data source.

How to use AI suggestions for processing activities

Suggestions are available upon moving a system from the radar to your Inventory, or when adding a system manually. Access suggestions by clicking on a system in your Inventory.

Anytime a system is added to your inventory, whether it’s been added manually or by auto-discovery, if there are available suggestions, the system will have a suggestions pane (see image below). 




You can choose to accept or reject suggestions upon viewing them.

Accept suggestions by selecting “Add” next to the activity you’d like to add. 




Accepting suggestions means this activity will be created in your list of processing activities or that the system will be adding to an existing processing activity. 

You can also add activities and suggested activities manually. To do so, select “Add activity” on the system’s inner page and select the activity you’d like to add (see image below). 

To reject suggestions, simply click reject next to the activity in the system’s suggestions pane.

Rejecting an activity means you are only rejecting the specific suggestion for said system. The activity will still appear in other systems if relevant.

Tip: Complete your activities on a system basis before reviewing each activity or proceeding with DPIAs or data flows. 

Next steps:


If you have questions about AI suggestions, talk to us at portal@saymine.com, and we'll be happy to help!🙂