Policy rules & alerts

Set up policies to stay notified of misplaced or irregular data .

Map out data types before setting up policies. 

3 steps to setting up policies: 

1. Review & select polices to enable

2. Assign data sources 

3. View alerts

View the data types of each framework in your Inventory settings under Classification frameworks.

1. Review & select policies to enable

There are two types of policies and four total predefined policies:

1. Policies based on frameworks

a.   GDPR Special misplacement policy

b.   PII misplacement policy

c.   PHI misplacement policy 

2. Policies based on number of records 

a.   Irregularity policy 

To get started, head to your "Policies" page which can be found under the "Compliance" component of your sidebar navigation. 

2. Assign data sources

a. For policies based on frameworks:

Once you've selected a framework based policy,  select data sources you'd like alerts for if found in the selected framework You can select unlimited number of data sources from your Inventory. 

Enable the toggle at the top righthand corner before pressing "Save". 

b. For policies based on number of records

Enter the desired search criteria.

In the example below, if the record count is smaller than 100, there will be a policy violation. You can enter a number between 2 and 10,000. Select data sources you'd like alerts for. 

Enable the toggle at the top righthand corner before pressing "Save". 

Note: Policies based on number of records are only available for data sources supported by Content Discovery.

3. View alerts

To receive alerts for the selected policy, ensure that the toggle is enabled on the upper righthand corner of the page. 

Alerts can be found in 2 places:

1.   Your dashboard

Policy violations will be shown in your dashboard under the "Data Classifications" tab. 2.   Your data types page

Alerts can be found on your data type page alongside any data type that is violating one or more policies. 

Deep dive

For sources that have been scanned using content discovery, a deep dive is available see precisely where a policy violation is coming from. 

To open the deep dive dialog, click “View”. In the dialog will be a link to every data type per object (link depends on the integration).

Note: Deep dives are limited to100 records per data type per object

Note: Multiple records can be found in the same link; (e.g.. one unique ticket has two distinct phone number records)


Talk to us if you need any help with policies via our chat or at portal@saymine.com, and we'll be happy to assist!🙂