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How to redact a request

Redacting a deletion request to anonymize the user's personal information

As part of the deletion request handling process, you can redact a request after it has been successfully closed so all of the user's personal information will be anonymized.

Important: Once you mark a request for reduction, it cannot be reversed. 

  1. Go to "Closed Requests"

    Group 12994
  2. For each request you have closed, you can click "Redact this request" to remove all the personal identifiable information associated with the request.

    redact new
  3. In the "Recent Activity" log, you can see it has been documented with "Marked for redaction."

    Delete step
  4. After redacting a request, the request will be shown on the Closed Request page as follows:

Note: Before redaction, you must close all open requests from the same data subject. This message will appear if the data subject has open requests:


If you have more than one closed request from the same user, a notification will appear asking you if you wish to redact them all. 


Note: The request will be redacted within the next 30 days.

If you have any questions about redacting requests, talk to us at portal@saymine.com, and we'll be happy to help!🙂