Automated Vendor Risk Assessments

Protect your digital ecosystem with a data-driven approach that provides complete visibility and risk analyses of your 3rd party vendors.

To get started with vendor risk management, be sure to add data sources or vendors to your Data Inventory.
After adding vendors, systems and/or data sources to your inventory, click on any of them and scroll down. Below the General component you will find the Vendor Risk component. Here, you are able to calculate the system's risk rating. 
Comprehensive cyber posture ratings for the vendor include drill-downs to Application, Network, IT, and Human factor risks. This scoring helps you identify and rank vendor risks, and provides critical topics for conversations with business stakeholders when you decide which vendors to keep and which to potentially off-board.
In order to calculate a system's risk rating, you must set the "Usage/Business impact" for each system.

Note: The risk rating cannot be calculated without completing the system's usage.

Click on each category to expand its rating calculation. 

Next steps:

If you have questions about vendor risk management, talk to us at, and we'll be happy to help! 🙂