WixAnswers Integration

Automating your privacy requests fulfillment by integrating MineOS to WixAnswers

About WixAnswers Integration 

What it does: 

  • Automates deletion requests by deleting the user's tickets and redacting (anonymizing) the Contact object.
    • Redacting Contacts works by clearing any optional Contact attributes (e.g. signature, profile image), and setting mandatory ones as follow:
      • Phone: +15550100
      • Name: REDACTED
      • Email: deleted_[userid]@email.com
  • Automates copy requests by sending the user a copy of his Contact & Tickets objects.

Before you start

  • Make sure your MineOS plan supports automatic integrations.
  • Make sure you have the permissions to create an API key on your WixAnswers account.

Setting up

To connect the WixAnswers integration, follow the steps below:

  1. On the left sidebar, click on “Data Sources” and search for WixAnswers in the integration list.
  2. Next, enter your WixAnswers API key. Follow these steps to obtain your SendGrid API key:
    1. Login to your WixAnswers account.
    2. Go to Settings → Tools -> Webhooks & API Keys:
    3. Select the "API Keys" tab and click + Add API Key.
    4. Choose your API key name (e.g., "Mine for Business") select Limited Access, and set the following permissions (Tickets, Saved Replies & Contacts):
    5. Click Save.
    6. Copy the API Secret Key & Paste it as the "API Secret" in the Mine for Business configuration page.
    7. Copy the API Key ID & Paste it as the "API Key ID" in the Mine for Business configuration page.
    8. Copy your WixAnswers domain and paste it as the Subdomain in the Mine for Business configuration page.
    9. Click "Enable integration" and “Save”.


You're done! MineOS has been connected to your WixAnswers account. You can now easily delete your customers’ data from WixAnswers. 

What’s next?

Read more about the deletion process using integrations here.

Read more about the get a copy process using integrations here.


Talk to us if you need any help with Integrations via our chat or at portal@saymine.com and we'll be happy to assist!🙂