Your Company Profile page

Your profile page contains all information about your company's Portal account



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All information about your company’s Portal account can be found on your Company Profile page. 

To view your company’s profile, click on your company logo on the bottom left corner of the sidebar and select “Company Profile”.

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If you wish to edit any of the information below, add domains to your Portal account, or change your company's logo, talk to us via the chat on your Company’s Profile page.

We are in the process of automating all of the actions on your profile page, but until we do so, this is a great opportunity for us to speak to you personally🤓

The information on your company’s page:

Profile data


Company name

Your company’s name as defined during the onboarding by the account creator. 

Company logo

Your company's logo as found by our AI on your company’s website. 

Associated domains

Domains associated with your company's main domain. You will see all requests sent to these domains via Mine's B2C platform in your Portal account.

Tip: Centralize your privacy requests by adding all your company's domains to your Portal account so that you won't miss any privacy requests. Here's how. 

Privacy email address

The email address used as a point of contact for privacy inquiries in your company.


List of all the people in your company who have access to the account. To add a team member to your company's account, click on the below icon in the left sidebar.


If you have any questions about the Company profile, talk to us at and we'll be happy to help!🙂