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Your Dashboard

View the status of your entire privacy program in a centralized dashboard.

Click here to access your dashboard. 

Your dashboard is comprised of three tabs:

1. Data Inventory

2. Data Classifications

3. Request Handling

Data Inventory 

The Data Inventory tab of your dashboard will show you everything you need to know about your data sources, including how they are being used, what they are missing, and more. 

  • To see the total number of sources in your Inventory, view the first window, "Sources in inventory." Click "View inventory" to see the list of sources. You can also view & manage your Portal's auto-discovery status. 
  • "Sources used in request handling" will tell you the percentage of your data sources that are being used in request handling and the distribution of workflow among your sources. This can be helpful when determining sources that are no longer needed. 
  • The third window, "Sources with data types" shows the percentage of sources with data types available. 
  • The percentage of your sources with processing activities will be shown under "Sources with processing activities". You can also add activities from this window. 
  • For actionable insights such as sources that are missing processing activities, have 0 employees, have a low cyber posture, view the "Sources requiring review" window. 

Data classifications

The Data classifications tab of your dashboard focuses on data types and their distribution. 

  • The total number of unique data types collected by your data sources will be shown in the first window, "Unique data types". Here, you can also view & manage the status of Content Discovery in your Portal.
  • "Data sources by least common types" illustrates data types from least common to most by number of sources. You can also modify the graph to show data sources by least to most common frameworks by clicking "Frameworks" on the upper righthand side of the window. 
  • "Policy violations" will show policy violations per data source. Click on the violation badge for more information on where the data type(s) can be located. 

Learn more about policies here

  • "Sources requiring review" will show a list of systems that are either missing data types, or have data types that are not used in any processing activities

Request handling

The Request handling tab of your dashboard will show a centralized summary of all your company's privacy requests & request handling. 

  • For an overview of active privacy requests, the top panel displays each by type; open deletion requests, open copy requests, and requests that have been open for over 30 days
  • "Total requests by status" will show the distribution of total privacy requests received by their statuses; Edit, Review, Reply & Closed
  • For a demographic understanding of privacy requests, view "Requests location"
  • Use the bottom panel, "New incoming requests overtime" for a visual of incoming privacy requests overtime

Talk to us if you need any help with your dashboard via our chat or at portal@saymine.com, and we'll be happy to assist!🙂