Email Evidence by Mine

Learn more about Email Evidence by Mine and how it makes the handling of privacy requests easier

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A big challenge in handling privacy requests is finding a way to validate and verify the requests quickly.

Based on our conversations with hundreds of companies, we have learned how difficult it is for companies to identify their users, determine the type of data interaction they had with their users, and locate the data sources from which to delete the user's data, all of which cause a considerable waste of resources. 

It became clear that more information about the user is needed for companies to streamline the process. To resolve this issue, we developed the "Email Evidence by Mine" - Using our technology, companies can gain more context and understand their past email interactions with their users to help verify the user and validate their request faster. 

What is the Email Evidence by Mine?

Instead of asking the user for additional data by conducting endless back-and-forth correspondence and understanding the context of the user interaction with your company, you can request the exact emails your company sent to the user. These emails reveal the type of interaction you had with your users and allow you to identify them faster in your systems.

Mine's unique evidence tool will help you identify your users, locate them in your systems and create more efficient privacy processes. Mine will get the user's permission to access their inbox, initiate the search, and find your company's email interaction(s). This information will be reflected to you during the Review stage of the request handling.

The Email Evidence includes proof of data collection, identification of the user, an indication of the user-company relationship, and more

It is available for all requests generated from consumers that have used the Mine app to send their privacy requests. 

Note:  The evidence can be found both with the company and the user. With a click of a button, Mine makes it available for you to streamline the identification and validation processes of the users and their requests.

A breakdown of what the Email Evidence by Mine includes:

  • Each request includes the last three emails that initiated the relationship with the user (i.e., signup, purchase, product updates, etc.)
  • The subject lines of the email interactions
  • The date of the email interactions
  • The email address in your organization that sent the emails to the user
  • The "reply to" email address (if any)

How to request a search for the Email Evidence?

Clicking on the "Search for evidence" button in the Review stage will trigger a process to retrieve the evidence from the user's inbox.

By receiving permission from the user and using our smart technology, we search for past interactions with the company in the user's inbox. Since the process involves sensitive information, it is only done on behalf of the company's demand.

Upon clicking, the evidence will remain as part of the request details for future review.

Note: If your company is on the Privacy Free plan, clicking on the "Search for evidence" button will count as one of your five monthly requests. Learn more about the requests handling on the Privacy Free plan here.

What's next?

Learn how to manage deletion requests on your Portal account here.

If you have questions about the Email evidence by Mine, talk to us at, and we'll be happy to help!🙂