Email Evidence by Mine

Quickly verify and validate data subject requests with evidence

About Email Evidence

To help verify and validate user requests, Mine’s Email Evidence technology identifies users, determines the type of data interaction had with their users, and locates the systems from which to delete or copy user data from.

  • Each request includes the last three emails that initiated the relationship with the user (i.e., signup, purchase, product updates, etc.)
  • The subject lines of the email interactions
  • The date of the email interactions
  • The email address in your organization that sent the emails to the user
  • The "reply to" email address (if any)

Note: Email Evidence is available for all requests generated from consumers that have used the Mine app to send their privacy requests.

Before using Email Evidence: 





To get started, head to your Requests page.








Next, select a request with "Mine App" as its source.

From the ticket page, click "Search for evidence" while in the Review stage.

The ticket page will automatically update with the discovered Email Evidence.

Next steps

If you have questions about the Email evidence by Mine, write us at, and we'll be happy to help!🙂