Connect to MineOS

Connect to import requests from Mine & to receive Mine requests on your Portal.

About Connecting to MineOS

By connecting to MineOS, any DSAR request you receive from us will be automatically imported into the requests page in your Portal for handling. Requests by MineOS also allow you to verify requests with Email Evidence.

This article is about 1 of 4 channels. There are three additional channels:

Before connecting to MineOS:

  • Be sure to have access to the inbox of the email address that is receiving requests from Mine (MOST likely your company DPO). 

How to connect to Mine




Click on your company logo at the bottom lefthand corner of the sidebar navigation and select "Channels".







From the channels page, click "Mine's customers". 

To connect to Mine, confirm authorization from your company's privacy email. To do so, select "Confirm" and complete the verification from your email inbox. 

Upon verifying your account, return to your portal and head to your requests page. This can be found in the DSR Handling sidebar of your sidebar navigation (see image).
Your requests page will automatically update with requests from Mine.  
After connecting to Mine:
  • You can use the Email Evidence tool to quickly verify requests coming from Mine. Learn more here.
  • You can set up a rejection rule based on Email Evidence. Learn more here

Next steps:

If you have questions about how to connect to Mine, write us at, and we'll be happy to help!🙂