Vet information of your systems

Send a draft of your data source’s information to an owner for review to ensure usage accuracy

Add more information to your data sources to suit company needs. 

Click here to get started with your Data Inventory.

After adding data sources to your Data Inventory, you can add additional details to each source by in the general component. To edit, simply click on the desired data source and add information to the relevant fields. You can also add custom fields. 

After adding details to your data source, the status of the source will be a "Draft."

To ensure that the added information is correct, you can request a review of the system's usage information. To request a review, be sure to add the email of the data source's "Owner", or the person responsible for ensuring the details and usage practices of the data source. 

After assigning an owner to the data source and completing the relevant fields, click "Ask for review" at the top righthand corner of the page. 

Upon requesting a review, the owner of the data source will receive an email to review your company's usage of the system (see below). 

After clicking "Start review", the data source's owner will see the completed usage details of the system. The owner can approve the review request or request changes.

The agent who submitted the request review will receive an email notifying them of the data source's review status. The agent can proceed to change the status of the system at the top of the data source's page. The data source can be:
  • Marked as approved
  • Marked as a draft
  • Reviewed again

If you have questions about the review process, talk to us at, and we'll be happy to help!🙂