Set up your Privacy Center

The go-to place for your users to control their privacy choices

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Mine Privacy Center allows you to:

  • Manage all privacy requests in one place.
  • Strengthen your brand's trust by facilitating your users' privacy requests directly from your website.
  • Define the data points you need to identify the user and validate their request. 
  • Configure and design your custom privacy web form in minutes.

This article covers the main components of Mine Privacy Center:

How to create a web form for your Privacy Center

Follow these steps:

1. On the left sidebar, click on "Privacy Center."

2. Under the "General settings" section, define the URL where you want your Privacy Center to be available.

(for example:[{company_name}).

Note: Your Privacy Center will be hosted on a Mine-owned subdomain. If you prefer to make your Privacy Center available through your domain, you can set it up as a custom domain. Learn how to do it here. 

How to configure your web-form details

You can customize the content and fields of your Privacy Center at any time, including by adding a custom question.

This is how:

  1. Click on "Form details".
  2. Here you can customize your Privacy Center and make it accessible to your users as follows:
  • Language: Select the languages in which the form will be available. While filling out the form, users will automatically see the form in their local language and will have the option of selecting another language from the other available languages.

 Note: You can edit the form separately for each language by selecting the language you want to edit.

  • Title: This section allows you to customize your form's header. The text you enter here will appear in the box below.

  • Description: The description message for your users can be customized in this section. The text you enter here will appear in the box below.

  • Required fields: Set which fields users must fill before submitting a privacy request.

Note: Users must fill in all the required fields to submit their requests.

New: Add a Custom question to your form, where the user can select one or more answers from your defined options. The data subject replies will be displayed on the request page under "Reported by customer". 

Important: For a form with multiple languages, the Custom question must be defined separately for each language. If no Custom questions have been defined for a language, the Custome question will not appear on the form.

3. Once you define your form details and URL, click "Save changes" in the upper right corner of the screen.

4. Review your Privacy Center by clicking "Go to your Privacy Center". The form will open in a new tab, and you can test it before publishing it on your website.

5. Make your Privacy Center link available on your website so that users can submit their privacy requests in a structured manner.

After your users submit the form and complete the email verification process detailed below, the field you defined will be shown on every Request page submitted through the form.

Email verification process

Every user who chooses to submit their privacy request using the Privacy Center web form must complete an OAuth verification process that confirms the sender as the owner of the email address specified in the request.

How does it work?

1. Once a user fills in all the required fields and submits the form, they will receive a verification link to their email address as part of the verification process of their request.

Note: Unverified requests will be displayed under the "Unverified" tab on the open request page.

These requests will not be processed through the Portal until they are verified.

Group 13420

2. Once the user clicks on their verification link and verifies their request, the request will change its status from "Unverified" to "Review," and you can begin processing it.

Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 14.52.59

3. If the user fails to click on the link within 24 hours, a second email will be sent reminding them that the email address must be verified. The verification link will remain active and valid for seven days.

4. If the user doesn't verify his request after 7 days, the request will remain under the Unverified tab.

You can customize your Privacy Center verification email. Read more here

You can set up a custom domain if you prefer to make your Privacy Center available through your domain. Learn more about setting up a custom domain here.


If you have questions about the Privacy Center, talk to us at, and we'll be happy to help!🙂