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Manage User Roles and Permissions

Assign roles to your team members that define what they can accomplish within MineOS.

There are 3 roles one can have in MineOS, two of which are assigned when inviting a new user to the account through the invite a teammate flow


  1. Admin: The original owner of the account with all edit rights, able to invite all other roles.
  2. Agent: A new user with the right to edit the portal and invite Reviewers.
  3. Reviewer: A new user with the right to view some parts of the portal and leave feedback.

The Admin is the first teammate that signed up for MineOS. In other words, the person creating the Portal will automatically be assigned as the one and only Admin. 


There must always be at least one Admin, and unless you have that role we will not allow you to remove it and change which teammate is Admin.


What specific rights and permissions does each role have in MineOS?

  • Access tasks page 
  • View specific panes depending on the task (data sources and data types)
  • Can view and edit the entire Portal except for the teammates settings
  • Can invite reviewers only

Can access teammates settings and edit following: 

  • Can invite reviewers, agents and admins
  • Change roles of teammates
  • Can deactivate and reactivate teammates
  • Can enforce SSO login on teammates


Next steps...

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