Connect Your Website to MineOS to Discover Data Sources

Learn about how to connect your website to MineOS in order to scan for data sources used by your organization.

What are the benefits of using Website scan discovery?

Website scanning is best for continuously discovering customer-facing systems. Such systems often collect customer data and require prior consent from users (which Mine supports with the CMP module).

Moreover, website scanning detects where the customer data is sent, and it can be used to build your company's data flow chart. This allows for understanding data transfers and detecting when a privacy regulation needs to be applied.

Compared to all the data sources used in a company, website scanning handles a specific use case, hence we recommend combining it with at least one more discovery method.


How do I setup Website scan discovery?

SSO (and other) discovery tools are set up using the Radar tool in the application. See Instructions

You will need to provide one or more URLs of a publicly accessible website that should be scanned. Mine detects any 3rd party providers integrated into the website, such as chat, analytics, CRM, marketing, advertisement, etc.


What permissions does Mine require for Website scan discovery?

None. The scan is performed externally by scanning all publicly accessible pages of the website/s.