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Graphing Data Flows

Visualize the flow of data through data sources and global locations with MineOS.

MineOS enables website scanning to discover third-party systems collecting customer information and update data flow charts accordingly. It also offers customizable cookie banners and automates Do-Not-Sell requests while complying with various regulations.

Discover Systems and Data Flowsdata flow

With website scanning, you can identify any third-party systems collecting customer information on your website, along with their respective geographic locations. Any detected systems will be automatically included in your Data Inventory, and your data flow diagrams will be updated accordingly. These diagrams serve as a useful tool to pinpoint cross-border data transfers.

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Collect and Manage Consent

Incorporating the CMP on your website enables you to provide necessary information to your visitors through a cookie banner, obtain their consent, and allow them to control their cookie preferences. Additionally, an automatic cookie declaration can be generated. The CMP can also be utilized in native mobile applications via a mobile SDK.



To offer the top CMP available, we have collaborated with UserCentrics and integrated their products with MineOS. It's important to note that CMP is an elective module, and if you're already utilizing an alternative solution, you're free to continue using it.


Core Features:

  • Automatic website scanning and cookie classification.
  • Customizable cookie banner and cookie declaration.
  • Analytics & reporting.
  • Auto-translate to any language.
  • Real-time geo targeting and rules.
  • Easy implementation using automatic cookie control.
  • JavaScript SDK & native mobile apps SDK.

Compliance Features:

  • Supports all regulations, e.g GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, VCDPA, LGPD etc
  • Respects ‘Do not track’ and GPC browser signals.
  • Set up multiple banners for different geographies.
  • Support do-not-sell.
  • Monthly website audits report.
  • Supports accessibility standards: WCAG 2.1 AA and WAI-ARIA.

The banner configuration is done directly on a UserCentrics account that will be created for you, however, Mine will do the initial setup for you and provides ongoing support. We offer 2 CMP products to choose from: CookieBot and UserCentrics. More information can be found below:



Automating Do-Not-Sell

MineOS integrates with the CMP to offer a unique approach for automating the handling of Do-Not-Sell the right way: stopping data collection on the client side, and deleting customer data from marketing systems.

Mine’s recommended approach for handling CCPA do not sell is:

  1. Do not show a cookie banner for US visitors, and instead, have a “Do not sell my data” link on your website’s footer.
  2. Link “Do not sell” to the MineOS Privacy Center.
  3. When a customer submits a do-not-sell request from the privacy center, it will automatically opt out of any marketing cookies. MineOS will then handle the rest by deleting data from marketing systems using an API. 

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