Monthly updates of Mine’s Portal

At Mine, we're working around the clock to create new features, enhance existing ones, and optimise platform performance. In this article, you'll find a constantly-growing list of our most exciting updates 🌟

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March 2023


  • We’ve Evolved: Meet MineOS
    As we continue to grow, Mine has expanded beyond just data privacy, adapting to data governance, security challenges, and more. 

New features!

  • Log in via Single Sign-On
    Now your team can login to MineOS using your company's identity provider, such as Okta, AzureAD, Google, OneLogin and many others.

  • Mine Reviewer
    Send requests for feedback and get approval from your teammates about data types, system usage, and processing activities. Ensure precision in privacy. 

  • Scale up to greater heights
    For larger enterprises using Mine, we've expanded the capacity of our portal to handle many more employees and systems. 

New DSR integrations

OneDriveIntegration EployIntegration  

February 2023

New features!

  • Create workflows for each request type
    Now you can use tags to group systems together based on your company processes. 

  • Ensure API integration connectivity
    Avoid errors & immediately know if an integration is working or not upon set up.

New DSR integrations


January 2023

New features!

  • Mine AI Suggestions
    Create a base for your RoPA using Mine AI suggestions to predict data types & processing activities. Gain insights as to what data a system holds without using any integrations.

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  • Mine's Radar
    Map systems that are critical to your business functions and add them to your Privacy Program. Off-board systems that are no longer in use. Make these decisions using insights such as usage, employee count, category & more!

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  • DPIA Helper
    Learn how to estimate risks with likelihood, severity, & mitigation mechanisms using the new DPIA Helper. Ensure Impact Assessments are completed correctly. 

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  • Document Data Transfers
    Add locations to your data system to easily map data transfers across systems. Mitigate risks & document transfers in your processing activities.

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New DSR integrations

Gong Integration  Ometria Integration  Iterable  Amplitude Integration  HiBob Integration

New PII integrations

Slack Integration

December 2022

New features!

  • Employee enrichment
    New fields in employee insights including role title, department, discovery method & more

  • Allocate activities
    Add activities directly to your systems to understand its context. Add existing activities or create new ones.

  • Export processing activities
     Filter your activities by data role (processor/controller), status, or DPIA, and export based on your applied filter view. Export as PDF or CSV.

  • Archive any system
    Archive any system, including systems being used in DSR handling, processing activities, and policies while ensuring there are no disruptions within your Portal.

New PII integrations

Stripe IntegrationMixpanel

November 2022

New features!

  • Updated data types page
    - Additional data types to choose from
    - New page for a full view of unique data types
    - New view of systems per data type
    - Predefined frameworks for automated privacy enforcement

  • Policies & alerts
    Set up policies & automate actions and alerts to ensure continuous governance.

New PII integrations

Amazon Integration


October 2022

New features!

  • Updated workspace dashboard
    View the status of your entire privacy program in a centralized dashboard. Get quick updates about all things data sources, data types and privacy requests.

  • System discovery with SSO

Integration updates

Salesforce Integration


September 2022

New features!

  • Data flows
    Reduce data transfer risks with data flows. Visualize the flow of data through systems, entities, & employees within your organization. See how each party receives its data to make sure every step is secure.

New integrations

BigQuery Integration


August 2022

New features!

  • Vendor risk management
    Protect your third-party digital ecosystem with a data-driven cyber risk analysis of all your vendors.

  • Archive data sources
    Organize your data inventory and archive systems that are no longer used by your company.

New integrations



July 2022

New features!

  • Data Inventory
    To make way for a more advanced Data Mapping process, the Data Sources & Data Mapping pages have merged into one Data Inventory where you can discover, add & create systems.


Group 39906-1

New integrations



June 2022

New features!

  • Discover employee access to data sources
    Ensure company security by understanding which employees have access to each data source.

  • Data source owner flow
    Instead of sending internal emails manually, use the Portal to automate emails to the owner of a specific data source.

  • PII discovery tool
    Meet growing PII compliance regulations by scanning your data sources for sensitive information.

  • User search
    Search for specific user records in your data sources & request history.


New integrations

May 2022

New features!

Do not sell-1

  • Mine PrivacyOp's DPO Advisor 
    Stay updated on the latest legislative developments. Remain compliant & avoid surprises by staying in the know with all things privacy.


  • Add system
    Couldn't find a system or wish to create one? Introducing add custom system.

Custom system-1

  • Updated RoPA Report
    You can now add, remove & edit activities and properties from your RoPA report.


New integrations 



April 2022

New features!

  • Privacy Center custom questions 
    You can now create custom questions in the privacy center! Tailor custom questions to your product to collect more information from users when they submit a request.

  • New workflow for copy requests
  • Edit user identifier for integrations that do not support email identifiers.

Custom email

New integrations 

Typeform@2xbraintree@2xattentive@2xlive intent@2xReply@2x

March 2022

New Features!

  • Preview records in request flow
  • Response templates localization
    Respond to customers in their preferred language by setting up templates for any language.

New integrations!

greenhouse@2x-1marketo@2x-1Frame 12638

February 2022

New features!

  • One-click ROPA report for full GDPR compliance
    ROPA (record of processing activities) report released for data mapping
    Replace endless hours and manual work with automated real-time data mapping. Easily export your GDPR compliance Records of Processing Activity (ROPA).

ropa (1)

  • Improved data sources insights
  • Merge open and closed requests into one page 

    Use the filter tool to find your Closed requests.


  • Fetching for copy requests

New integrations 

   chargebee@2x-1exponea@2x-1 Segment@2x


January 2022

New features!

  • Privacy Center localisation
    Multilingual support across the Privacy Portal

    Allow your customers to choose their preferred language when submitting a request through your Privacy Center web-form.

    local language email
  • Consent management

New integrations 

salesforce@2x-1Wix@2xactivecampaign@2x-1Frame 12637

December 2021

New features!

  • Search bar to find any integration without having to scroll! 
  • Sign-up with email & password without having to choose an email provider.

New integrations


November 2021

New features!

  • First data mapping beta version
    Our first prototype for data mapping is live 
    You can now discover your company’s data sources automatically - available for trial and enterprise accounts.
    Discover all the data sources your company uses which might hold sensitive PII of your customers.


  • Reporting dashboard - keep track of your company’s requests including:
    • Requests by type (deletion, copy, overdue requests)Total requests by status 
    • Requests by user location 
    • Incoming requests over time
  • Manual integrations
    You can now create a list of all your company’s data sources so you can keep track while handling requests (without having to integrate with your dev team) - never forget to leave user data behind again.

New integrations

Frame 12637Frame 12638OptinMonster@2xFullStory@2x


October 2021

New features!

  • Onboarding tasks list for better onboarding
  • In-app billing/pricing page 
    You can now handle your pricing in-app without having to go to our payment provider (Bluesnap) emails.
  • Notes feature
    Write notes on every request and leave messages to your teammates and/or to yourself.

Group 12809

New integrations

Outreach@2x (1)