Monthly updates of Mine’s Portal

At Mine, we're working around the clock to create new features, enhance existing ones, and optimise platform performance. In this article, you'll find a constantly-growing list of our most exciting updates 🌟

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May 2022

New features

  • Do Not Sell ticket request type now in Privacy Center
    Manage CCPA's opt-out requests with the Do Not Sell ticket request type in your PrivacyOps

Do not sell-1

  • Mine PrivacyOp's DPO Advisor 
    Stay updated on the latest legislative developments. Remain compliant & avoid surprises by staying in the know with all things privacy.


  • Add system
    Couldn't find a system or wish to create one? Introducing add custom system

Custom system-1

  • Updated RoPA Report
    You can now add, remove & edit activities and properties from your RoPA report


New integrations! 


April 2022

New integrations! 

Typeform@2xbraintree@2xattentive@2xlive intent@2xReply@2x

New features

  • Privacy Center custom questions 
    You can now create custom questions in the privacy center! Tailor custom questions to your product to collect more information from users when they submit a request 

  • New workflow for copy requests
  • Edit user identifier for integrations that do not support email identifiers

Custom email

March 2022

New integrations!

greenhouse@2x-1marketo@2x-1Frame 12638



  • Preview records in request flow
  • Response templates localization
    Respond to customers in their preferred language by setting up templates for any language

February 2022

New integrations! 

   chargebee@2x-1exponea@2x-1 Segment@2x


New features

  • One-click ROPA report for full GDPR compliance
    ROPA (record of processing activities) report released for data mapping
    Replace endless hours and manual work with automated real-time data mapping. Easily export your GDPR compliance Records of Processing Activity (ROPA).

ropa (1)

  • Improved data sources insights
  • Merge open and closed requests into one page 

    Use the filter tool to find your Closed requests


  • Fetching for copy requests

January 2022

New integrations! 

salesforce@2x-1Wix@2xactivecampaign@2x-1Frame 12637


New features!

  • Privacy Center localisation
    Multilingual support across the Privacy Portal

    Allow your customers to choose their preferred language when submitting a request through your Privacy Center web-form.

    local language email
  • Consent management

December 2021

New integrations! 



New features

  • Search bar to find any integration without having to scroll! 
  • Sign-up with email & password without having to choose an email provider

November 2021

New integrations!

Frame 12637Frame 12638OptinMonster@2xFullStory@2x


New features!

  • First data mapping beta version
    Our first prototype for data mapping is live 
    You can now discover your company’s data sources automatically - available for trial and enterprise accounts
    Discover all the data sources your company uses which might hold sensitive PII of your customers


  • Reporting dashboard - keep track of your company’s requests including
    • Requests by type (deletion, copy, overdue requests)Total requests by status 
    • Requests by user location 
    • Incoming requests over time
  • Manual integrations
    You can now create a list of all your company’s data sources so you can keep track while handling requests (without having to integrate with your dev team) - never forget to leave user data behind again

October 2021

New integrations!

Outreach@2x (1)

New features!

  • Onboarding tasks list for better onboarding
  • In-app billing/pricing page 
    You can now handle your pricing in-app without having to go to our payment provider (Bluesnap) emails 
  • Notes feature
    You can now write notes on every request and leave messages to your teammates and/or to yourself!

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